About The Writer

Here’s a quick detour!

I have the extreme desire for…

  1. Sweets
  2. Ian Somerhalder
  3. Gold


I prefer…

  1. meat over pasta
  2. sunrise over sunset
  3. beach over amusement parks
  4. summer over the cuddle weather
  5. writing than speaking




  1. Color: Black
  2. Band: One Direction and The Script
  3. Artist: Kanye West, The Weeknd and Chris Brown



What I do during my spare time…

  1. Eat, duh?
  2. Series marathon
  3. Shop
  4. Have I mentioned, eat?



If I could, I would…

Travel every day!












My name is Carle Dizon. It’s actually pronounced as Karl but I let people call me Carlé insteadCurrently a 3rd year College student taking up Business Administration Major in Marketing at the University of Santo Tomas.

Uhm, let’s see.  I’m nineteen years old and still unsure of so many things. UNDECIDED

When I was 6,  I really wanted to be a nurse. Months have passed and I have discovered that I would definitely be a terrible nurse for I can’t stand getting nor seeing wounds. My knees get weak every time I encounter wounds, scars and mostly BLOOD. Up until today, I am disgusted by these eek-y stuff. So, eeeenk!

When I was in 5th grade, I have already pictured myself serving foreign passengers during a flight. Conquering the world alone. Little Carlé was inspired to be a cabin crew for she really admires her Aunt who’s working at Cathay Pacific. Then I realized that in a few years, my salary wouldn’t be as high as my Aunt’s. So, eeeenk!

When I reached my 1st year in high school, I have told myself that I will be taking up Aviation. I actually thought this was it! Unfortunately, I was somehow discouraged when I have shared it to some of my closest friends. They have said that aircrafts are only for men. As a 13 year old girl, it really mattered what people would think of me.  (I still haven’t crossed that out)

I found my love for prose and poetry in my second year. Back when I was in Grade 3, I won a place on our essay writing contest. It did not really matter to me because I thought it was just probably out of luck. Funny how it occurred to me that writing my feelings down could actually help release my anger and hatred towards- nah nevermind. I did not noticed then that I had a potential in writing until my best friends came up to me and asked what song was I writing. Ha-ha! Of course, I inevitably told them that those works were made from tears and a broken heart. Then I thought of being a literature major. My Dad also tried to convince me to take up Mass Communication. A lot of people were encouraging me to pursue my writing skills. But, eeeenk! It would probably be a waste of time. Besides, I am not always in the mood to write! I only write whenever I feel so much sadness within me. It’s unlikely of me to write something just out of a requirement. So, eeeenk!

Finally! When I reached my third year, I discovered my ability to cook. It was actually all because of our house helpers. They always go MIA (missing in action) whenever I am about to ask them for help. I always end up cooking my own meals. I first started cooking when I was about to graduate from grade school. (It was only a ham okay) Through the years, I have explored different types of cuisines. Uhrm, recently I am also into baking. (You gotta taste my carrot cake, I swear HMU) I have this extreme desire for sweets! I love trying different restaurants and pastry shops  around the metro. And here I am currently scrolling to which shop I should visit next! (seriously, you gotta taste my carrot cake)


And because of my indecisiveness and confusion, all I know right now is that I want to be able to promote such advocacies, be a professional chef and an author- all at the same time! Also since I am fond of traveling, I would basically be the female and Filipina version of Anthony Bourdain. Who knows? In 5 years, I could be a traveling host in a local TV network? Ha-ha!

So why did I end up taking Business Administration? Ha! I have no idea. Perhaps this would lead me to having my own pastry shop? We’ll see!

This blog will serve as a collection of my daily experiences. But here’s the catch! Just when you’ve already thought you have known me so well, uh better think twice. There’s still a lot more to know about me so, you gotta read my upcoming posts. Feel free to ask me questions or also drop some suggestions in the comment box! I am more than glad to share whatever I could offer. Welcome to my blog!


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