An Open Letter to Teenagers with Strict Parents


Sometimes, they maybe overprotective but that doesn’t mean they are depriving you from reaching your goals, bro. The world is full of so much that is beyond our control. Just look at the brighter side and take it as a form of guidance. Occasionally, we may find it a little bit exasperating- it goes to show that these people you are annoyed of is just worried-sick but at the same time is just preventing you from the possible harm that could have introduced you to the wrong path. I find your parents truly virtuous for letting you miss out on some moments, in hindsight, could have led you to jeopardizing your future forever. You guys shouldn’t hold their “strictness” against them because it was all done out of love. There aren’t enough words to express how much they cherish you, but for starters, you owe them one. Lastly, although it may seem quite difficult, maintain an open and honest relationship with them. Please keep in mind that lying wouldn’t help you achieve the genuine happiness you’re seeking for. All these curfews and limits could eventually transform to values, morals and ethics that may help you discover bits of yourself. Ugh, I know parents should also trust their children blah-blah-blah, but we’re way past that. Sometimes (at that time of our age), we believe in ourselves that “Hey! It is the right thing to do!” Only to find out later that our parents have known better.

-KD (F, 19 years old)


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