The One with the True Third-Wave Café


A-hoy!!! Another day, another dollar! Another dollar available, another drink! Another drink, another minute of stay! Another minute of stay, more shots! And more shots may lead to…well, hangover.

There is this place around West Triangle, Quezon City. A few minutes away from the Times Street. A place wherein you could chillax and of course, to all coffee enthusiasts. This has been the most authentic coffee shop that has passed my standards. Unlike any other coffee shops, this one has caught my heart from the first time I tried it. I have not yet figured it out why I love going back again and again at this store, all I know is that this one has a special place in my heart.

Whether you are sober or hung over, you should definitely have a taste of their coffee! It was, like, more than a year ago when I first tried this. And believe me, the coffee would really drive you nuts! It is not your normal Starbucks nor Figaro style. Perhaps it is something quite creative. According to Cesar, Coffee Empire’s Marketing Manager, Coffee Empire’s coffee is more than a beverage; it is a performance, and a very artistic one at that. It is indeed, a true third wave café!

with no doubt and my whole heart, I firmly agree to what he said. Up until today, I am not into coffee. But whenever I feel like I got to have one, first thing that pops into my mind is to go to the Coffee Empire. Why? I also have no idea. I have savored their beverages and I am indeed, coming back for more. As the saying goes, “Once you go black, you never go back!”

Coffee Empire’s interior has made it possible to look legitimately like an empire. Unlike any other coffee shops, their West Avenue shop is enormous. Similarly, like an empire- actually it is a two story building. Large enough for a locale coffee shop but still isn’t enough to accommodate all guests. The wooden furnishings, the glass encased room, a red Giesen surely makes it feel like you are the barista itself! I love this place! The atmosphere, ambiance, the aroma of the coffee…all perfectly combined!

Their coffee is prominently exquisite and authentic! Kopiko and Barako’s got nothing compared to it! What I love about Coffee Empire, aside from their coffee, are their other beverages and meals! While I was drinking my first Apple and Orange Juice under the fresh fruit smoothies section, I could actually feel the pulps! However, their choices of smoothies aren’t the same everyday. You got to ask the barista’s what’s available!


Of all the meals I have tasted, their Carbonara Lone Pasta is my favorite! It costs around P300 but it was very fulfilling! Loads of bacon crisps are topped on my sous vide egg. A choice of penne or linguine is also available!


And of all the coffee-based drinks, their Iced Coffee Empire Mocha is my favorite!


Oh! Before I forget, their barista’s are very approachable and well taken care of. Have I mentioned that there is actually a gym available for their baristas which is located at the second floor? What’s very pleasing to know is that on every beverage, there is a story behind it. And they would love to share the story with you. If you want to, they would actually teach you how to prepare it and their personal techniques when it comes to brewing coffee. And believe me, they actually let me tried!

Apparently, this one is something quite different from the fad coffee shops. It is place wherein you could meet up with some friends or chill out after having drinks around Morato. Sober or hung over, “they gotchu” Sad to say, you wouldn’t be able to appreciate their coffee the way some of us do if you wouldn’t invest yourself or just by merely having no interest in it, just like their baristas while crafting their coffee.


74 West Avenue,West Triangle, Quezon City

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