The One With The Unusual Ramen

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka


I must say, I was never really a fan of ramen. All those people on FaceBook who are posting photos of their bowl of ramen are completely fake to me. I never really liked ramen. Perhaps because of its spicy/pungent taste? I would honestly prefer eating a cheap local noodle at home than consuming ramen.



But it is quite different now. I have found the “perfect” ramen. It was not of pungent taste and it was actually just the perfect mixture of salt, sweet and spice. And no, it’s not from the overrated Ramen Nagi.




It is popularly known as the Japanese Restaurant Hokkaido Ramen Santouka! While we were on the process of waiting for our ramen to be served, the waiters were actually very accommodating and approachable. While talking to them, you could actually feel that they are very knowledgeable about their restaurant. The funny thing is, they told us that they were the number 1 ramen in Japan. I tried to Google it and it is in fact, true. Some restaurants have been claiming that they are #1 yet their food tastes like garbage. #NoHate



Hokkaido Ramen Santouka is an epitome of a modern Japanese restaurant. Once you have entered the establishment itself, you would smell the scent of different Japanese delicacies. Of course, most customers were Japanese. And would you believe this?


As we all know, a bowl of ramen is enormous compared to our usual bowl of Sinigang. While we were in the restaurant, some Japanese customers could actually consume two bowls of ramen in just one sitting! Could you imagine that? Honestly, I could only finish half a bowl of it. But having two bowls in one sitting? Without properly digesting the noodles? And without having time to catch your breath? Nah bruh! I’d probably die from the lack of air!



Shio Ramen P435


For those who aren’t much of a fan of spicy noodles, I highly recommend this!  But after finishing half of the bowl, I tried to pour some condiments. Just to play with the perfect taste, and I got it! I just added a couple of drops from their chili/hot sauce. And loads of pepper (because I love pepper) And viola! The perfect taste of Ramen! If I were to compare it to other ramen bars, this restaurant could be a place I could go visit and eat everyday. It’s probably not something I would get used to. And as I write this, I am extremely craving the Shio Ramen. Ohhh! How I wish I was there right now!




For those who like eating noodles without wanting to perspire,

For those who aren’t much into spicy noodles,

For those who love noodles,

For those who aren’t into fake ramen bars,

For those who would love to try something real and exquisite,




I highly recommend eating at Hokkaido Ramen Santouka! This could probably be the most authentic Japanese Ramen Bar we could ever have in our country! You wouldn’t want to miss it!



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