The One With The Bad Bird



The Umami-fried chicken






One of Hole in the Wall’s pride!

If you’re planning to visit, don’t miss out on this.




lol just the buzzer

BAD BIRD specializes in fried chicken cooked in different umami spices. You can actually have it done in three spice levels of your choice; safe, spicy, or chemical, along with that are different Japanese or Korean-inspired side dishes.

I  have always gone for the safe option since I usually have a low tolerance for spicy food. The corn cob was a bit messy to eat but I love it just the same. I believe, it really is a part of the cobs presentation.

Their chicken serving size is enormous and all meals comes with 2 chickens! Bad bird is one of the most popular stalls in Hole in the Wall. I can say that their fried chicken is really good and unique when it comes to taste.

I have had Bad Bird a couple of times already and it’s always been consistently great! Their chicken is extremely crispy and flavorful! You could actually feel the flavours exploding inside your mouth! The breading was a bit too salty but hey? That’s why we have condiments and side dishes!


The safe level actually gave me the chance to savour Bad Bird’s flavorful (just the perfect term) breading. It is indeed full of flavors. From the first bite, you could literally feel its unique breading which I believe is the reason why it is a bit salty?  But not in the way you’ve been thinking. The breading’s flavor actually plays in your mouth! The pepper x spices! Ughhh! And when you have finally bit on it deeply, you’ll be discovering its juicy-ness and it’s tender meat! There’s honestly no need for sauces (which they actually offer too, you know (just in case)) 

It’s better to come here when it isn’t on peak hours since this place has one of the longest lines during lunch break and most of them are office workers / employees from Makati. 🙂 It is a smidge more expensive than any other fast food restaurants, but it’s worth a try! It would just roughly cost you around P700.00 for two people! 🙂


Hole in the Wall, Fourth Floor, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue Corner Salamanca Street,Poblacion, Makati City


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