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1/4 about Poblacion



Poblacion… Poblacion… Why am I always in Poblacion anyway? Is it because of the view? Is it because of the atmosphere? Well, none of those are my primary reasons why I keep coming back to Poblacion.

Yes, I do agree! Makati’s divided into two; the one which the Ayala’s own and the one which… the Binay’s allegedly tried to administer (the one’s with the –embo in it) But what most commoners don’t know about is that there’s this small district in Makati which isn’t a lot like Ayala nor the embos! If you have been to Circuit Makati and the Century City, then you have basically been to Poblacion! 🙂

What I love about Poblacion is the huge amount of food establishments you can visit to. Honestly, Poblacion is a place where I’d choose to spend my vacant days at. Unlike at the Ayala Center area, Poblacion is underrated and in fact, it isn’t always depleted with a huge number of people.

Going back, since Poblacion is loaded with a massive volume of bar and bistros, I have come across the Century City Mall. As we all know, the Century City is the mall of the Modern Makati. Wherein you could have a world class shopping experience, with noteworthy restaurants and an exclusive movie house (damn, I could imagine the vibrant feeling of being inside one of their theaters again) You have probably heard about the 77 Gramercy, right? Well then, this fancy bar is located at the Century City Mall!

Besides the upscale atmosphere being felt when you’re in the mall, you could still purchase affordable goodies and foodies! Just right at the top, by the terraces of the establishment itself, a semi-like-food court is available. I can’t actually compare it to your usual food courts since it offers wide ranges of delicacies. It would be a shame to have this compared with anything else! This area is called the Hole in the Wall. We know what it all means, right? However, it isn’t your typical dingy place wherein you could be all clumsy and stuff. There’s no place for social climbers here. You gotta be prim and of course observe proper decorum. Or else, you’ll be judged by the pride of Makati (employees/workers, upper class men)

As I have said, this Hole in the Wall isn’t your usual go-to place. It is a place you would still end up having empty pockets! Who wouldn’t want to spend so much on unique varieties of flavorful food? 🙂 There’s basically a lot of goodies inside the Hole in The Wall. However, I am only about to post a few insights from this upscale establishment! 🙂 Wait for further posts.

Here’s one!

The Scouts Honor



This shop gives you the opportunity to craft your own cookies! 🙂 It doesn’t merely focuses on offering cookies but also wide varieties of remarkable creamy ice creams to choose from! 🙂






Of all the cookies I have tasted since then, the one that topped my list is the





Cookie Inception

Cookie inside a cookie! Definitely a must-try! It costs only around P300! I have honestly become addicted to it and up until now I love savouring the smell of this cookie shop. It is actually one of Scouts Honor’s best sellers. There’s a lot more to try but if you want to be creative and if you’re somehow picky with the ingredients, you could craft your own cookie and have it done in just a few minutes! 🙂


Look at how filled this is with  chocolate chips! *hearts everywhere* Honestly, it looks more appetizing in reality! And nope, it wouldn’t hurt your teeth since you could ask for the done-ness level. Whether it be the normal one or soft-baked! I personally love cookies when it is soft-baked cause I want to savour the dough!


And look at how cute their take-out box is! *drooling again*

There’s more for what Century City’s Hole in the Wall could offer. But for now, I would just leave you hanging with this cookie inception post to make you drop your things down and drive to Poblacion! 🙂

Don’t worry, I’ll be writing up the next blog post for you to know which shop you should try next! 🙂



4/F Century City Mall, Hole in the Wall, Kalayaan Ave Poblacion, Makati


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