The One With The Stroll Along The Memory Lane

2016’s Maundy Thursday gimmick

The plan was just actually to stay around Makati and BGC while casually waiting for my brother to be fetched.

Due to my monthly cravings, we decided to have our lunch at Twin Lakes, Tagaytay. We knew we needed to get back right away but the art of spontaneity kicked in….AGAIN!

It was around 10:00 AM when we have finally decided to leave the Metro. As a family who has been used to going to Tagaytay when we just feel like having lunch or grabbing fresh vegetables and raw meat, we have identified various short cuts along the way. Knowing it, we have arrived Twin Lakes at around past 12 noon. From the Metro, Twin Lakes is kind of at the other end of Tagaytay. We could actually say that is bound to Nasugbu. To think, it is actually at Tagaytay’s crust!

Twin Lakes’ composed of various establishments which would fit in with the tourist’s cravings and desire to catch a beautiful view of the city. Establishments like Starbucks, to lower the body’s temperature since Tagaytay is also known for a cool climate;

Bag of Beans


There are actually three branches of BOBs in Tagaytay. Separated to cover the whole city! What I like about the Twin Lake’s branch is the view and it is quite larger than the other two. With a better interior design and absolutely an elegant exterior. As a matter of fact, of all the establishments built at the Twin Lakes, Bag of Beans would stand out on your first look. Apparently, Bag of Beans is not only known for their dainty thirst quenchers but also for their flavorful food! From fresh garden salads, delectable pastas and mouthwatering steaks, name it and they have it!



Most of the time, coffee shops which offer viands, get only a satisfactory rating. Merely because the coffee shop specializes on their distinct beverage offerings. Unlike any other coffee shops which has different product variations and cannot even offer a great one. Sorry, not sorry.

I have been to Bag of Beans way before spending it last Maundy Thursday. Unfortunately, the first time we went there, we weren’t into oredering food so we only ordered hot beverages because it was Tagaytay’s cold season. And with that experience, merely just tasting their coffee and milkshakes, it made us drove back to Tagaytay over and over again.


What makes Bag of Beans unique is that they produce scrumptious offerings whether it be food or beverage.

As a garden salad eater, I am very picky when it comes to it! I often assure myself that the salad that would be offered from the restaurants will entirely be healthy (most often than not, salad bars offer salads that are covered with liters of salad dressings which makes it a little bit unhealthy) I guarantee you that BOBs salads are fresh! If you are a salad enthusiast, you would actually recognize the freshness of the BOBs salad in your first bite. You’ll just know, trust me.


Caesar Salad



It just literally falls off the rack! Tender and absolutely juicy!



Instead of having rice, I asked the server if they could replace it with mashed potatoes. (I may have told you guys before about my food mantra? Hahaha!) Luckily, they were considerate! 🙂 Of course, I asked it to be well done and it was perfect! It was legitimately tender and in my honest opinion, I no longer needed to dip it on their exclusive gravy sauce!


And did I mention? You could literally bring home a bag of beans! 🙂




Bag of Beans, Twin Lakes, Tagaytay, Tagaytay City


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