The One With My B-dubs








No blinking of eyes, no stuttering with lines, no lies to be told, no exaggerations in words.

Indeed, this is the best!


This is honestly the most passionate blog post I’ll be doing EVER!

As you all know, I am a fan of American, Australian and Japanese cuisine. Buffalo wings has been always a part of my system since then. But only one restaurant stood out, and this is the Buffalo Wild Wings. *deeps breathly and shows a distinct facial expression*


I have been in this sports bar for a hundred times and I swear, it always feels like the first time! I even have BWW’s Bistro card! (this Bistro card gives you discounts and free purchases of coffee etc.) Whenever I enter this establishment, I always feel like I’m in a game! I feel the power, excitement, spontaneity and the strength to put all else down!

Once you enter this bar, you could feel the athletic vibes. Every where your eyes takes you, you’ll see a bunch of flat screen TVs hanging on the walls and ceilings. Wall frames featuring popular and olympic athletes from various kinds of sports.


1/8 of the screens hung from BWW’s ceilings


Kobe Bryant’s wall

And even when you feel like going to the comfort room, the sporty vibe is still there. You could still feel the game!

By the way, BUFFALO WILD WINGS’ franchise is the first in Asia by Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery. It actually started 30 years ago, in Ohio USA. And rest assured, this is the best Wings, Beer, and Sports experience in MNL! (Proven and tested!)

What I love most about Buffalo Wild Wings is their awesome twists! As I have said, this is a sports bar, but that doesn’t mean it is only available for sports enthusiasts.

Every day, is game day at this particular sports bar. May it be golf, table tennis, swimming, car racing etc. I assure you, whenever there is a main event, particularly UFC fights or NBA games, this bar is jam-packed! Filled with sports enthusiasts and fans, locals and foreigners too!

Now about the twists- in Manila’s Buffalo Wild Wings, you don’t just sit there and break your necks from watching the TV. There’s a lot more BWW could offer than just watching. Here, they could bring to life the sports experience!

There’s actually an area wherein kids, young adults or those of age could play. The Play Station consoles are available to anyone! And when you’re still sober, hype up by playing Just Dance with your family, friends or colleagues!


And when there are no main events to be showed that day, just to keep the experience up, Blazing Bill’s here to hype you guys up! He’ll surely go visit your table and invite you to dance to the beat! So better get your cameras up! 🙂


Blazing Bill

And lastly, the BLAZIN CHALLENGE!

The challenge is to eat 12 blazin hot wings in 6 minutes without drinking or wiping your mouth! Find it easy-breezy? Better be a chili-head to beat it! 🙂

Hey, but that doesn’t mean Buffalo Wild Wings is just all about the sports experience! I’m pulling both of my pockets to convince you that this is the BEST wings you will ever taste! Na-ah, this isn’t a drill! I could honestly just leave you with my words but that wouldn’t suffice. You gotta try BUFFALO WILD WINGS! With no exaggerations, I have been at B-dubs my love for so many times and it doesn’t fail to offer the best buffalo wings. Unlike any other restaurants, B-Dubs has been producing the same taste after all these visits. And that is because they have their own standard sauce!

Before I get to that, Buffalo Wild Wings offers a lot more concoctions than chicken! Baby back ribs are there too! BEERS! Burgers and salads! Damn! A! Lot!


Personally my all-time favorite salad because of its salad dressing! And honestly, I could just eat this all week! Crunchy croutons, delicious chicken slices topped with parmesan cheese! Just  the perfect combo! I could go all month with just this salad!


And here’s a special! Their personal GAME DAY PLATTER! It’s not only good for one but also share-able! Includes ribs, pork belly and chicken with the popular Chipotle sauce!


Of course, not anyone gets to be pleased with the standard buffalo wings taste  in other restaurants. In Buffalo Wild Wings, they offer various flavors that you could mix and match to  satisfy your cravings. My personal favorite is the Spicy Garlic!



15 pieces of Spicy Garlic wings! It is my favorite since I love to play with my mouth with different flavours! A bit spicy with a taste of garlic. It is the perfect flavor for those who are afraid to try something that really is pungent!


Not to mention B-Dubs customer service! Servers are actually very polite when it comes to their customers. They are attentive and also responsive. What I love the most about B-Dubs is their bottomless beverages! What’s actually funny is, the glass is too damn large! 🙂 I love it!!! And whenver you’re tryna have it re-filled, instead of wanting to bottoms-up, servers would give you another glass of iced tea or lemonade to assure you that it’s new and fresh. I actually ended up having so much bottles on our table since their iced tea’s too flavorful!


Beers are always available at the bar or while in you’re table mingling with your friends. It is always better to show your interest in sports with your love ones while having draft beers! BUFFALO WILD WINGS is a must-try. I bet that you’ll be going back to this place again and again! 😉


Ground Floor, Glorietta 2, Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex, Makati City, Metro Manila



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