The One With The Okonomiyaki Experience

Dohtonbori Okonomiyaki, a new Japanese restaurant in the Philippines which opened at Missouri street last December 2015. Two months after, they have established their second branch here in MNL at the SM North EDSA, City Center.

Dohton Bori” is a Japanese street name. Their first branch was launched at Tokyo, Japan and has been serving happy tummies for over 25 years now. Branches are available across the Asia Pacific- specifically Bangkok, Taipei and Manila.

Okonomiyaki is popularly known as a Japanese pancake. Okonomi means “what you like” or “to ones liking” and yaki means “grilled” In short it means, “to grill what you like”

Dohtonbori offers various grilled Japanese delicacies for you and your friends to try!

Their character symbolizes a good luck charm


From its ambiance and its facilities, I can confidently say that it is the best Japanese restaurant around Manila! By entering the store you would immediately feel the Japanese vibe. You could either be seated at the couch table or inside a room for limited guests wherein you are requested to take off your shoes and seat on the floor to feel the mood. Slippers are also available if you do not feel like walking in bare foot. But there is nothing to worry about. The restaurant seems clean! I highly recommend to try Dohtonbori with a partner or a group of friends because it really is a good place to hang and catch up with your mates.


What’s special about Dohtonbori is that you could grill your food in front of you. A grill is attached on your table to have your food cooked in your preference. You could also ask assistance from their servers. However, I advise you guys, to try it for yourselves. It is definitely a worthy experience! And no, you wouldn’t perspire from the heat being produced by the grill. The store’s area is equipped with air conditioning facilities to ensure the quality experience!



Dohtonbori‘s proud of their specialty dish called the OkonomiyakiOkonomiyaki’s main ingredients are flour, grated yam, dashi, eggs, shredded cabbage, ginger and green onions. And when cooked, it is topped with condiments of your choice; Okonomiyaki sauce,  seaweed flakes, bonito flakes and the delicious Japanese mayonnaise! There are various types of Okonomiyaki dishes to choose from. It could either be Four Cheese Okonomiyaki, meat Okonomiyaki, Seafood Okonomiyaki etc. Dohtonbori’s persistently producing more menus for their Okonomiyaki dishes! 🙂

Dohtonbori does not merely offer one class of menu, they also offer Yakimeshi, Kaisenyaki, Yakisoba, Monjayaki, Ippin, Yakiniku, Pizza, Salad, Noodles, Don and Teppanyaki.

When our order came, the polite server asked us if we wanted her to grill for us. It actually went two ways, the first few minutes we asked for her assistance since we wanted to know how they cook their Yakinikus and afterwards we just grilled by ourselves. Some meats require 3-5 minutes of grilling, some well… based on your preference. Some are already seasoned while raw and others are still to be seasoned.

My top Yakiniku pick


Served raw- to be grilled


Turn the chicken meat after 3 mins (as instructed)


Season with the Chicken Shio’s sauce (served)




Chicken Shio is my personal favorite for you could absolutely taste its juicy-ness and actually be able to savor it in your mouth. However, it is not necessary for  you to add condiments because their Chicken Shio is totally tender and lurid!









Here it is, served raw with a butter on top to be spread before placing the meat





Leave the pork strips for a few minutes  (based on your done-ness level) Isn’t it mouthwatering? Hu-hu-hu!




Once cooked, grab your chopsticks and have a bite of this delicious pork strips!





2nd Best



A pork chop served raw with a butter inside the garlic ball





Place the pork strips in the grilling area





Cover for a few minutes





Toss each side for 3 minutes to make sure it is cooked





Once it is partially cooked, spread the garlic ball into the meat






If you are up for something salty and garlic-y, better try this one! It is honestly full of flavor and perfect with their Japanese rice!





Who wouldn’t love a side dish besides their sticky Japanese rice? ❤


Dohtonbori’s corn is actually served in a platter and…




…placed in the grill just to be heated at the right amount




It is definitely not your ordinary kind of shredded corn! It tastes so sweet and butter-y!




Beverages include bottomless iced tea, sodas and beers

Desserts are also available!




Besides Dohtonbori’s remarkable and mouthwatering food, the place itself could make you feel like you are literally in Japan. Their wooden walls and ceilings could actually bring the Japanese vibe! Even when I was at the loo, the Japanese spirit could still be felt because of their decorations.

Here’s a quick way to learn Japanese words (posted in the loo’s wall)






I just honestly wanna say that Dohtonbori is not only  a  Japanese restaurant that is a “must try” but it is also the restaurant that I will always be searching and coming back for more! Double thumbs up!




Cullinan Prime Building, 8 Missouri Street, Greenhills, San Juan City


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