The One With The Hearty Shabu-Shabu


As a meat person, I always crave something American or Australian. I seldom find Chinese, Japanese, Italian etc. cuisines satisfying. But when I do crave something healthy, it has always got to be restaurants with Shabu-Shabu. Tong Yang is still at the top of  my list!

A premier restaurant which can be found at the Newport Mall at the Resorts World Manila, the Thousand Cranes shabu-shabu. Which has also several branches that can be visited at Greenbelt 3, Eastwood Mall, Alabang Town Center, TriNoma, Robinsons Magnolia and at SM BF Parañaque.

An even peaceful ambiance with cocoon-like lights to set the mood.Even if it gets jam packed during Friday nights and weekends, quality service is still delivered to their customers.


A Japanese version of hotpot, a typical shabu-shabu offers thin slices of pork, beef, chicken and lamb which you will be cooking with your preferred done-ness level. Along with the meats offered, seafood, tofu and fresh vegetables are also served. Best enjoyed with the soup of your choice!  Provided with 2 cooking stoves for each table- one for grilling and the other one for boiling. The soup is refillable and could be enjoyed by two persons.


The menu includes Japanese appetizers like their own version of tofus and gyozas. Noodles of your choice, it could either be a Yaki Soba or Yaki Udon. Salads like Wafu salad, Seafood salad and Kani salad from P195-P330. Japanese specialties which are primarily composed of various fried seafoods. Maki-Sushi, Sushi and Sashimi, Tempura and Teppan Yaki are also available. Age Mono, deep friend cuttlefish or  breaded tiger prawns which are served with Japanese Salad. All viands offered are best enjoyed with their Asian Rice Toppings.


  • Wine and Beer
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Air Conditioned
  • WiFi



On a typical stay at a hot pot buffet restaurant, I usually order three kinds of plates.

The first one is usually a mix of veggies and seafood of course with my favorite, egg saté. This also comes with noodles and a mushroom brush. All of these raw ingredients are to be boiled in their pot.


The second plates consists of thin slices of pork to be grilled on the other pan which is absolutely only good for one person. Once the slice has been placed on the grilling pan, it eventually shrinks. So, you have got to order plates of different meats to surely enjoy your stay.


Lastly, a plate of seafood. You could either boil the seafood or grill it. However, the meal serving was kind of small so I bet you will order another plate of this.


To cut it short: ★/5

Location: ★★★★ Located inside the mall

Area: ★★★★ The heat you experience when cooking will surely make you sweat, a good thing is that the Thousand Cranes have their air conditioned for better dining experience

Food: ★★★ It just actually depends on how you will cook your food because it is a shabu-shabu so technically I cannot rate the food HAHA They serve raw ingredients, remember?

Price: ★★ There is nothing wrong about offering expensive meals, but they gotta make sure that it is worthy

Service: ★★★★ When it comes to assistance, servers are always attentive (like when you have no idea how to operate the stove etc.)


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