The One With The World Tour from a Cup

By indulging various types of teas in this fresh milk tea shop, you will surely get to taste the different kinds of teas from the cities around the world!

Jelly Citea

A milk tea place around the University of Santo Tomas has been recently emerging. Launched on the first week of December 2015 and is now being a buzz! I have been to this place for so many times and I am not even getting used to it. Their tasty concoctions keeps me coming back for more!

A go-to place whenever you want to study or do a research. Accountancy and Medical students living in their respective dormitories tend to stay at the milk tea shop for its pleasing vibe. Jelly Citea’s Sampaloc Branch offers free WiFi connection for educational and entertainment purposes of their consumers. ( A big plus! 😀 ) Also, a perfect place to hang out with your buddies after a long tiring day!

Jelly Citea originated at the City of Davao (just a few meters away from the famous Ateneo De Davao University) Besides the Sampaloc branch, Jelly Citea has flourished from the cities of Cabanatuan, Cebu, Zamboanga, General Santos and Pandacan Manila.

You can travel around the world by purchasing cups of their jelly teas, smoothies, fruit teas, coffee or yakult specialties! These are not just your average beverages for every sip, you could also have a taste of New York, Tokyo or Paris!


All beverages are served in two sizes of mason jars- either the Grande or Venti size. Price ranges from P80-100!

  • Citea Creamy
  • Citea Blends
  • Citea Frappe
  • Cocoa & Coffee
  • Classic Milk Tea
  • Premium Milk Tea
  • Fruit Tea

Jelly Citea also offers various meals which are absolutely sweet and savory!


What makes them stand out among their competitors are two major factors:

1. Their beverages are served with freshly brewed tea leaves from Taiwan along with various healthy ingredients which makes it a 100% natural!

● Green teas are prone to ease a person’s constipation. If you are looking for something natural that helps you detoxify the body and bowel movement, then you have to try this!

2. Accommodating employees! From my personal experience, the owners of the Sampaloc branch were very hands-on.

● A little bit of interaction between sellers and customers wouldn’t hurt! Baristas of the Sampaloc branch were not only responsive but also interactive! A way to a customers heart is through the enhancing elements. In the business world, the flower of service. By adding an appeal to a core product like being hospitable, available for consultation and exceptions etc.

I actually got the chance to speak with the franchisor and he was very engaging!

A bonus!

Sampaloc’s interior design! Was personally set up by the owner Sir James and his wife! Antique’s turned into tables etc.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




A garden where you could cuddle with the teddies!






I am seriously very picky when it comes to milk teas. Since the hype of milk tea around the Metro, there has only been one milk tea place I have been visiting. Uncommon as it seems but I do always purchase the same flavor since I am not into that pure and fresh milk tea experience.

My personal favorite is Jelly Citea’s Yakult Green Apple. As I have mentioned earlier, there has been always this one shop I always go to. And since I discovered “Jelly Citea” I found myself not coming back to the same old place. Why?Serenitea’s Yakult Green Apple and Jelly Citea’s Yakult Green Apple tastes alike. SERIOUSLY! What keeps me coming back for Jelly Citea is due to the fact that it is more affordable. (And also for its location lol) Why waste a couple of pesos plus gasoline for a cup of tea that tastes entirely the same? 😉


Yakult Green Apple P80

I am not also fond of eating meals with tomato sauce. (They do offer pesto sauce too but I suddenly wanted to try their cheesy lasagna rolls) These Lasagna Rolls are to die for! As I have said, I have been coming again and again at this shop and it never failed to satisfy my cravings! Once the fork has touched the pasta, you could actually see the cheese squirting out from the rolls! This is a must try!


Lasagna Rolls P129

At this point, I am not exaggerating! If I could just actually find a way to upload a slo-mo video of how the cheese suddenly spurts from the rolls, I would!

Ooooh! And don’t forget to include these large serving of Smores Waffles! Perfect for those who have a sweet-tooth!


Choco Smores P119

Visit the Jelly Citea at 1672 Piy Margal Street Sampaloc Manila, Metro Manila


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