The One With The Sated Appetite


After hours of listening to lectures and studying for the upcoming quizzes, you might just want to drop by the nearest Coffee Crib by the university. If you happen to live nearby or currently renting a condo, visit the Amo Yamie Crib along España and the Padre Noval Street. If you are looking for some place to chill with your barkada after a night of unending lessons, you might just wanna drop by this coffee shop.

A year ago, Amo Yamie Crib was known for its unique structural design. After ordering AYC’s scrumptious treats, you get to choose which crib you’d like to stay in. Amo Yamie’s first branch was at Pampanga, second was along the CEU campus and the third one is nearby the UST campus. As far as I have observed, the UST branch was the largest of the three. Guaranteed with the same menu and same level of service!

Known for its milkshakes and desserts but now they have added more meals on the menu. Besides their mini burgers, they are now offering nachos, fries, sandwiches and pizza fries.

Once Upon Nutella


Coffees, ice blended coffees, milkshakes, milk teas and fruit teas are fairytale inspired!

Coffees are served either hot or cold

Ice Blended Coffees are called Fairytale Frappes

Milkshakes as Fairytale Frosts

Milk teas referred to as Cartoon Characteas

with add ons of your choice: tapioca pearls, strawberry popping, coco jelly, coffee jelly, egg pudding, rocksalt and cheese or oreo bits



Besides smores, they also offer cakes served on cheesecake flowerpots! Sweet Waffles ranging from P50-100. There is also a menu for savory waffles with fries- it could either be waffles on tacos or waffles and fries.

Burgers and sandwiches of your choice not exceeding P100.

Fries, tacos and nachos.

After paying as you order, you could get on your crib right away or choose to stay at their theater which starts at P338. The price actually depends on the length of the movie, length of your stay or how many movies you’d like to watch. However, a number of people are always in line for this. Better come early!

I just actually went to this place (past 9PM, I think) just to sate my cravings. And I must say, all these tempting food are delicious! Budget friendly and just perfect for spending leisure time.


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