The One With The Mouse Toy

June 2015

To all the pussy lovers out there

This cafe was featured on TV shows from different networks for its distinct offerings. I was never really a fan of cats because I am more of a dog person. Hey, Robin Scherbatzky rprznt! To be honest, I never thought I would enjoy my stay. But when my friends and I have already arrived the Cat Cafe which is by the way located at the Sikatuna Village, Quezon City I figured how sweet cats are. You gotta actually see how angelic they look just don’t get to their demonic side. 

Before getting in the room, it is a must to remove everything dangling. The store owners are strict when it comes to hygiene. A lavatory is positioned outside of the sliding door where you are obliged to wash your hands. A shoe rack where you are required to remove your shoes and a choice if you opt to wear their comfy slippers.

There’s actually an entrance fee worth a P100 maybe? When we have finally got in, the first thing you’ll notice is the ambiance. We are supposed to be quiet since we might trigger the cats slumber. Also, limited number of persons are allowed inside the room. So you better get a reservation since we couldn’t predict how long a batch of persons would stay. As far as I can remember, the cafe was composed of 11 rescued cats?1896807_389782614546166_3677041379294174963_n

Besides these lovely cats, they also offer a list of refreshments. Like iced teas, milk teas and home-made pastries made by the young store owners. You could approximately spend P400 for two guests.

If the cats aren’t busy taking their usual naps and if they are not in the mood for petting, you could also play with them. There are toys which the cats go gaga for. Like the mouse toy supported by a rope on a stick. These cats kept following the mouse toy with their eyes and immediately hops to catch it! Books about cats are also offered to enlighten the guests on how to treat cats etc.



An hour or two could be enough for a casual stay. It is probably enough to pet the 11 of ’em.

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Oh and they are also selling cat souvenirs. Like cat powerbanks, USB’s, purses and etc.

My friends and I tried to mingle with the store owners and found out some interesting facts. Like, when these kittens were rescued from the streets. Like, how they were able to come up with their names. It’s actually kind of heart-warming to know that there are still people who are willing to take care of stray cats.

I had a hard time letting go of these cats (lol even if I only spent an hour with them) For sure, you are going to be attached to one of these cats when you visit. The truth is, they are so gentle & sweet and most of them likes to be cuddled. As a dog person, I found cats extremely annoying and grouchy in the first place. Then again, just like people, they just also have their bad days ye know. We gotta consider their grumpy-ness as a part of their attitude.

+63 9228364441 ADDRESS Sikatuna Village Second Floor, Maginhawa Building, 189 Maginhawa Corner Makadios Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

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