And so it goes…

Geez, I have no idea how and until when I will be able to post entries on this site.

First things first, I am not used to sharing much of my trips or anything personal online. It actually creeps me out whenever my mates run up to me and ask about how good was the steak I had two days ago. Who wouldn’t feel like being stalked? The fact that the people surrounding you knows your game is actually kind of frustrating. (Well, maybe for me)

But I guess, posting from time to time could also have its perks– being able to promote such products; sharing your beliefs could also change the reader’s perception about a specific idea etc. There may be a lot of benefits but as of now, I am more focused on how to run this blog without being so tedious  how I could be able to convince myself to express my thoughts online.

So, hey! Wait up for my next post because that is when the birth of a true writer begins. Ta-ta for now!


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